Look at that hair! Strut it you stud puppy!

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Houston Montesa Works

   Scot Farmer, owner of Houston Montesa Works. I chose Scot for his expertise in racing and restoring vintage motocross bikes. The first Montesa he ever bought and restored was a V-75. He found it in Warren Texas and today, it sits in a Spanish Museum.



Among what different types of restoration services does Houston Montesa Works provide?__

Spanish Dirt Bikes are our specialty. Mostly Montesa, Bultaco and OSSA Brands per se. However, we can restore any type of Dirt Bike. We have done Yamaha, Honda also. Only Vintage type though. Mostly 1970’s to 1980 Models. Additionally, we have a Large Montesa and Bultaco NOS (New Old Stock) Parts Inventory that we sale to customers all over the world. If we don’t have it, I can find it through additional contacts.

And as a restorer and rider of Vintage Motocross Bikes, what can you tell us about motocross that most people don’t know about?

Professional Motocross Riders are the second most physically fit individuals in the Sports World. Only Professional Soccer Players per pound surpass their overall physical endurance and strength. Additionally, a mistake when riding a Motocross or Dirt Bike usually causes catastrophic injuries. It’s one of the only sport that requires 100% consistency and stability.

What are the key things to look for when pursuing a Vintage Motocross or Dirt Bike?

When pursuing a Vintage Dirt or Motocross Bike, always check for parts availability. If the parts are not available; then custom making them can become an expensive proposition thus causing an unfinished project. Most Vintage Riders gravitate to the particular brand that they rode back in the day. Finding the bike is one thing. Having the proper parts to restore it is another.

What’s your favorite Motocross Bike and why?

When I started riding Dirt Bikes in the Late 60’s and early 70’s, the only Dirt Bikes available were European Models. Montesa, Bultaco, CZ, Maico, BSA, Can Am and Pentons. The Japanese Dirt Bikes didn’t start showing up on the Starting Line until the 1973 Season. All the European Dirt Bikes were handmade Motorcycles as compared to the Assembly Line produced Japanese Bikes. Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda could produce 10,000 Dirt Bikes per year per model. The European Bikes would produce 1,200 per model. With that said, Vintage European Dirt Bikes are worth more today because less are available due to production numbers and attrition. I fell in love with the Montesa because of their overall performance and sleek good looks and overall design.

Lastly, off the top of your head is there anything that you can think of that readers may like to know?

When starting a business, there is always highs and lows. I run my business with three simple principles. They are as follows:
1. Fail is an acronym for First Attempt In Learning.
2. End is an acronym for Effort Never Dies.
3. No is an acronym for Next Opportunity.
Regardless of the obstacles that are placed in your way, keep chasing your dream. If you don’t dream; then you will not like where you end up in life.


Indulging in its ambiance – La Carafe

Believed to be the oldest bar in Houston and considered haunted as well, La Carafe Wine Bar is one of the places I absolutely LOVE. Of course, I’ve never had the privilege to experience the haunted side of this mesmerizing place. Hopefully one day that will change.

With its candle lit tables draped with red vinyl tablecloth, accompanied by the miraculous tunes of the jukebox that play selections from Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Bob Marley, Peggy Lee, and many more; it’s almost as if you could travel back in time! There is so much history here. You can see it, feel it, and its inside appeal gives off a cozy and intimate ambiance that is alluring in every way.


Midday capture. Be sure to come at nightfall and capture the magic!

La Carafe is reasonably priced with a cheering selection of wines and assorted domestic and imported beers. There is a lovely view from their 2nd floor balcony, however, the upstairs does not open until after 9pm but do not, I repeat, do not forget to venture up there when the time comes.


2nd Floor, midday capture.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary or just something new to experience… this is an amazing place I’m sure your date or significant other will not only approve of, but enjoy as well. Ahem, you’re definitely getting brownie points for this one! 😉

As if it were the light of a million flames…

I recently had the privilege of being apart of something so spectacular! Something that only comes along once in a life time. A baby’s FIRST birthday. Coming from a mother’s perspective and a first time mother at that, just getting our beloveds through the 1st year IN ONE PIECE is a celebration in itself.

What they say is true. Time really does pass you by in the blink of an eye. So cherish your loved ones and savor every moment. Every laugh. Every cry. Every fall, scrape or bump. Every interaction through every new milestone and adventure. Because in what may seem like a blink of an eye, they will have grown from 1 year, to 3… 5… 10… 16… and before you know it, they’ll be off making new adventures of their very own.

As if it were the light of a million flames, let your innocent smile shine and brighten up the lives of all who surround you!

Happy 1st Birthday baby boy.


If you have the power to make someone happy, do it.

Anabelle Drake, face painter and artist.

We hired Anabelle for my daughter’s 1 year birthday party. It was so cute; she turned my JoJo into Hello Kitty, hahaha! She’s so brilliant with children from ages young to old. So talented and artistic, even the adults got in on it! Well, this Saturday my daughter turns 3 years and we’ve hired her again. I can’t wait, it’s going to be awesome! So, if you have an event or party coming up and you are looking for a face painter who is both artistic and great with people of ALL ages, I’d strongly suggest Anabelle.

Actually, I feel so strongly about her that I asked if I could shoot some photos of her to which she happily obliged!

Anabelle Drake guys!!! Visit her page at: https://www.facebook.com/anabellesfantazeefaces