How can I stand out? I love color because, well, who doesn’t. Its vibrant and beautiful. And while black & white is beautiful as well, it definitely adds a little mystery to a photograph. I came out with FIGURA because I needed to find a style that screamed me.

I love my new FIGURA finish. I’ve spent hours perfecting this filter. Why? Because I wanted a look that just FEELS REAL and when you photograph in black and white it brings more meaning to an image. What I mean by ‘more meaning’ is that there’s no color so instead of focusing on the mats, or GIs, or belts; you are focusing on the people. Who are they? What’s their story? They become… the mysterious, bringing more intensity to the image. But this look is more than just black and white. This look is silky, a bit artistic and makes all aspects of what makes a photo, POP.

My only question is, would you buy these images if I strictly photographed in FIGURA? Would you prefer strictly color? Or a bit of both?



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