When I’m feeling alone or troubled I reach to my family. And when I feel ungrounded, sometimes all I need is to visit with them. I may not visit them often enough, and I know that much is very true, but when I do, I find myself cherishing the time we have. I even wonder, “why ever don’t I come by more often? This feels great.” The feeling of family; it’s taken for granted and we all do it. Especially this day in age. But there is one thing I have learned, “Family is where our roots lie.” It’s what lives are built on.

Family is a strong word and an important one at that. What Is “Family”? What does the word “family” mean for you? Whom does it include? Do you see your pet as a part of your family? For me, having family is to feel complacent. It’s a feeling of security. To have someone whom you can rely on and whom you can confide in. It also means to have respect for each other and responsibility. By responsibility, I mean to take care of each other and be there for each other. And with the best intentions, to not hold back or steer wrong.

There once was a time that I did not think I was going to make it past 25. I did not think I’d ever find a husband, bare a child, or even gain a family of my very own. For me, my family is something very important in my life because they are people I know will never fail me and whom I will never fail. And yes, my pets are members of my family.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed. No one lives forever. So what is a better way to instill their memory than to suspend them in time? Why not invest in a family portrait? With that said, when was your last family portrait? Do you even have one? Life is full of great moments. A family portrait is not only something that can be displayed for decades but it’s also something can be displayed proudly.

Of course, when your like 75 and showing all the grand kids pictures of yourself, you’re gonna want them to see the best version of the younger you so I’m going to also provide you with a few tips on how to make sure you look SPECTACULAR in your family portraits.

1. Plan Wardrobe Choices with Your Family

You don’t want to dress in uniform but you also don’t want to stick out like a soar thumb. Decide on wearing clothing styles/patterns that haven’t changed much over the years. You know how fashion and time works. What is absolutely awesome to wear now might not be so awesome later on down the road. Avoid the dated and trendy for a much safer approach.

2. Wear Colors That Flatter Your Skin Tone

Choose a color that looks best with youGemstones Color Chartr skin tone. A helpful hint, gem colors look good on every body.

If you’re not sure which gem color works best for you, here are a few tips to help you decide. Look at your veins. If they appear more blue than green, you have a cool skin tone. However, if they look more green than blue, you have a warm skin tone.

Just keep in mind, warm with warm and cool with cool. Warm skin tones are best flattered with brown, tan, red, orange, gold and taupe. Cool skin tones look great with cool colors like charcoal grey, blue, purple and white.  If you still feel a bit undecided just ask your friends and family what colors look best on you. Most people can choose the appropriate hues instinctively. 

3. Wear Underwear That Keeps Your Outerwear Looking Great

Rest assure that the undershirt you are wearing beneath your best suit may in fact have a dramatic effect on your overall appearance. Yes, everything may look in place with the initial tuck-in but all that twisting, turning and bending is sure to have your undershirt wiggling its way back out. Baggy undershirts that won’t stay tucked in can add up to 15 pounds to your appearance, and that’s not counting what the camera adds.

Look for the best undershirts that fit properly and move with you. Your shirt will look neater, and because you’re outfit makes you feel all GQ you’ll feel more confident, your facial expression and smile may be more relaxed. Also choose outerwear that fits well on your frame. A common fashion mistake is to wear loose-fitting or overly-tight clothes. Don’t be afraid of tailoring your clothes for that perfect fit.

4. Dress Rehearsal

It’s your portrait; your style, but no matter how casual or how formal you are planning your portrait to be; just make sure that everyone is on the same page. To avoid last-minute confusion and bickering, plan a dress rehearsal the night before your appointment. No-one wants to feel like the odd man out.

5. Don’t Skimp on Sleep

Studies have shown that sleep deprivation significantly affects facial appearance. Be sure that you get plenty of sleep as you can before the day of your session. We may live in an era that is infatuated with zombie apocalypses and vampire folklore but the red-eyed undead look never works well in portraits… unless your going for a Halloween theme.

It’s Your Portrait; You Call the Shots




FullSizeRender[36777]Football season has begun, so SCORE BIG by becoming your ‘hunny’s’ MVP!

Hair and Makeup Included!


Sports & Fitness


Push-ups. A simple body-weight activity that targets and intensifies work on the upper body and core. An exercise that strengthens your triceps, biceps, pectorals, deltoids, abdominals, obliques, quadriceps and erector spinae. 

A while back I developed a new love for push-ups. Yes, that’s right, push-ups. Prior to discovering this new love of mine I couldn’t even do one single push-up and I’m being completely serious. I actually learned how to do a real push-up by doing Sean T’s Insanity workout. I figured, well, if I’m going to be doing push-ups now would be the perfect time to implement the full body version. I learned that starting out, it’s not about the quantity of push-ups that you can do. It’s about the form. If you don’t have the correct form you will not only cheat your results but you will look completely silly performing. So I made up a challenge for myself. Every day I’d challenge my number. If I did 16 today than tomorrow I’d do 17. Eventually I pushed myself even further. I’d time myself and count how many regular push-ups I could do, correctly, within 3 minutes. My highest count now is 97. Pretty impressive huh! I know, I’m quite proud of myself. When working out, I always try to incorporate at least 3 different push-up variations. I’m not so advanced that I can do a one armed push-up or anything but these 3 variations are my go-to.

  1. Regular Push-up: Start off in a plank position. Hands should be placed directly under the shoulders with feet together, if not slightly apart. While lowering your body down keep your elbows tucked close to your rib cage. If you can’t do regular push-ups, here’s a helpful tip to make things easier. Place your hands, only slightly wider than your shoulders and angle them inward. Now part your feet wide. This is not technically correct but it will help get you there for the time being.  
  2. Jack Push-up: Start off in a plank position and go down into a push up while bringing your legs out at the same time; kind of like a jumping jack. When you come back up, bring your legs back in and reset to plank.
  3. Oblique Knee Push-up: The hardest but my absolute favorite and I got it from Sean T. Your hands should be placed directly under or slightly wider than the shoulders. While lowering the body, drive your knee up and out towards your tricep. On your way back up extend the leg back into the plank position. 

Remember: Perfect form is key! Keep your head aligned with your spine. Your pelvis should be tucked in slightly; mindful not to sink down too low or raise up too high. Now have at it… and try challenging yourself!

If you are looking to challenge yourself and you’re 100% serious, I would like to open up a “Before & After Package” for you. If you’re about to enter into a lifestyle change or challenge and this is something that may interest you, please contact me for more details. 

Pin-up Tales: Skin Care


A professional camera and lighting setup has an amazing way of showing the true condition of your skin. Pay special attention to your skin. Do you see any signs of aging starting to creep in? Is it dry?

The foundation to any skin care regime is having a good cleanser and a good moisturizer. Avoiding a moisturizer all together to evade having oily skin only results in your skin producing more oils to make up for that dryness. Use a quality moisturizer and start about a week before your photo shoot. If you have oily skin, take a few oil-blotting wipes to the studio to prevent a glaring forehead shine from ruining your picture.


Here are some products that I currently use and recommend.



Is Your Health Reflecting Onto Your Pets?


So I came across this article in Health magazine and it talks about how your pets share the same lifestyle as you. Not that we’ve really actually stopped to think about it in detail and duration but the fact remains whether our lifestyle choices are healthy or not, our furry loved ones are affected.

According to Health Magazine, our pets illness can be a reflection of our own health, especially when it comes to lifestyle choices. And in most cases we can correct the problem in both owner and pet by just paying attention to the details.

3 common animal symptoms:

Is He/She Anxious?

A study from the University of Lincoln in England and the University of Sao Paulo found that domestic dogs actually do have the ability to combine facial and vocal cues to perceive human emotions, which make them attune to your mood. Likewise, specific phobias can carry over to your dogs, noted by Stanley Coren, PhD, author of How to Speak Dog: Mastering the Art of Dog-Human Communication.

A Change In Grooming Habits?

If your pet has been licking and scratching more than usual it could be signs of allergies. Visit your local vet to help find the culprit. To help minimize the amount of pollen, among other allergens:

  • Wipe off (with a wet wipe) the bottom of your pets paws and face when y’all get home after outside time.
  • Shower and change your clothes.
  • Bathe your pet regularly.
  • Vacuum and clean your pets bedding.

Is He/She Looking A Bit On The Heavy Side?

Its been said that from 2009 to 2015, obesity has risen in dogs as well by 10 percent. A healthier lifestyle for you means a healthier lifestyle for your furry little buddy. So if you won’t do it for yourself, will you at least do it for your fur baby?



I used to be an event contact and coordinator. My experience wasn’t too much more than a year but I did learn quite a bit and I loved it. When planning an event, whether it be for business or pleasure there are certain steps that should be followed to allow yourself to plan in a budget friendly manner and above all, in a stress free zone.


  1. Set A Budget – This is the overall amount that sets the bar to the maximum limit you (or your client) can spend. Keep it noted that you do not have to reach this max, it’s just a cap-off.
  2. Decide On A Budgeting Tool – Whether it be an excel spreadsheet or an online budgeting software, either one is a perfect candidate to keep you on track. 
  3. Setup Budget Items – Create categories. For example: Food would be listed as a category in one row and in the next row, Rentals.  
  4. Sub-categorize and Track Budget Items – Add items such as Cakes, Champagne, Tables, Chairs, Entertainment, etc.  Next to each item add the quantity, then next to that the item detail, and then the amount quoted. You can even add an additional column for notes (who you talked to, phone numbers, etc).
  5. Map It Out – Draw out your own blueprint of the event area and mark where everything should go so you can be prepared ahead of time. WAM, BAM, THANK YOU MA’AM!
  6. Setup A Timeline – If there are multiple event or activities going down at your event have an idea of when everything should take place. What time will it start? Approximately how long will it take? What time should the next activity begin? Having an estimated timeline is better than playing the guessing game. Plus, you don’t risk your guests boredom by losing track of time. 

*Note: Ask vendors for quotes beforehand if you don’t have any idea for costs. It’s always a good idea to get estimates from multiple vendors before committing.

*2nd Note: Apply a 5-15% overage expense to your budget. Always be ready for the unexpected.



Thank you Jeremy Warren for thinking of me for your Headshots!




In The Spotlight: Tesla Electrical Services Electrician, Michael DeAses

Why did you want to be an electrician?14202877_1808092479438332_525352475_o
I didn’t want to be an electrician I chose the trade thinking I was getting into electronics I was 17 didn’t know the difference. My stepdad encouraged me to stick to it he said there will always be need for electricians.

What overall experience do you have?
My experience I completed a 2 year electrical trade course in New Mexico back 1993. Then I moved to Houston in 1995 to work as a electricians helper was told about an apprenticeship school so I signed up for the 4 year course and completed it and got Journeyman license. I mostly did service work where you get exposed to a variety of electrical projects. I started to run my own truck in 2001. I do have some new construction experience as well. I keep up with continuing education that is required to renew our license. Also have been able to obtain my Master Electrician license through studying and passing the exam.

Are you licensed?
Are you insured?
We currently have shelved our company due to a project we’re working on out of state so to cut down expenses we currently are not insured and are not taking on any projects till we come back to Houston. We are passing along our projects to some of our fellow electrical contractors who we trust.
What did you find difficult to do as an electrician when you were an apprentice?
The most difficult thing was the environment; some of the people I worked with were not positive. Like the Journeyman I worked for as an apprentice was tough to work for nobody could work with him. I stuck it out for around 5 years as he was the best guy we had at the company and I knew I would learn a lot from him, which I did. Something he told me when I started working with him take the words “can’t do” out of your vocabulary or else we would have a hard time working together. Things are different nowadays. In the end, I appreciate him and who he was for me as a mentor in the trade.
How have you learned to do this without feeling challenged by it?
Well there was a time where I used to stress about some of the projects like, “how am I gonna do this,” and I would complain like, “why isn’t some one else doing this?”. So I had to make shift at how I approached these projects. My helper and I made this thing up where we would catch and correct each other if we started stressing about what we were doing. To me a good electrician is able to take any kind of electrical project without trying to get out of it or doubting themselves and admits his mistakes. To me being honest with customers is the most powerful tool that you can have.
What is the largest electrical project you have completed?
The most current one was when I was working for a company called Caress Stadium. It was a training facility and stadium for a high school. This was a tough one. I had never done a project like this or had the number of workers I had under me.
What kind of work do you do most?
Service work

What special training/experience do you have for this kind of work?
I have completed apprenticeship programs & keep up with continuing education.

What does your estimate include?
Estimates will have a description of work to be done inclusions & exclusions.
We do flat rate pricing.
We will have an expiration date for estimate due to fluctuations in price on some materials.

Do I need a permit? Who will obtain it?
Really all jobs should be permitted per the city. So we pull permits when necessary like major projects but not for a ceiling fan. Some customers don’t like to pull permits. The reason is, while we obtain an electrical permit and schedule an inspection the inspector will come out and find something not related to electrical and tell them they need a permit for other thing which will hold us back from passing our inspection.

Who will perform the work?
We have few great Journeyman Electricians we work closely with to take on our projects under my supervision. Sometimes I get in there too.

What will you guarantee/warranty?
We are currently working on what to offer for a warranty. Some of our competitors like to compete with this and offer a lifetime warranty and I think who’s lifetime the customer or the company.🤔

May I see a work in progress?
Not sure if you’re asking to watch the work being done. I will say this, workers usually don’t like it when someone is breathing down their shoulder. Most construction guys like to be themselves while working and it may not be very appropriate for customers.

Have you ever torn apart a computer or device to see how it works? Just curious.  
Well there wasn’t many computers around when I was a kid but I did take apart a lot of electronics even made tattoo machines out of Walkman parts I was taught this by some of my not so good friends.


September 1 – 5               Labor Day Festivities (ALL WEEKEND LONG)

September 9                    Amazing Houston Comic Con 2016

September 10                 The Yoga Expo

September 17                  SHRP Food Truck Festival

September 23-25           Southwest International Boat Show

September 24-25           Houston’s very 1st Open Air Music Festival

September 29                  Houston Art Fair 2016

September 30                  2016 Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions



Sep 2

Sep 5

International Bacon Day

Labor Day


Federal Holiday

Sep 9 California Admission Day Local observance
Sep 10 Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day Observance
Sep 11 Patriot Day Observance
Sep 11

Sep 12

National Grandparents Day

Chocolate Milkshake Day

Sep 16 Constitution Day and Citizenship Day observed Observance
Sep 16 National POW/MIA Recognition Day Observance
Sep 17 Constitution Day and Citizenship Day Observance
Sep 18 Air Force Birthday

National Women’s Friendship Day


3rd Sunday in Sep

Sep 21


Miniature Golf Day




Sep 22 1st Day of Fall

September equinox

Emancipation Day


Local observance

Sep 23 Native Americans’ Day Local observance
Sep 25 Gold Star Mother’s Day Observance



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With much respect and appreciation,

AJ Chavez





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