Introducing Me

My name is Ashley (AJ) Chavez and I am the owner-operator of Shortys Shots photography located in Houston, Texas. I am a wife, a mother, an animal lover.  I love to look back and smile at the good times, to live in the moment, to laugh and have a good time. And I’m always down for experiencing new things and places.

I’ve always had an interest in a number of things. Always being pulled into every direction, never to keen on dabbling in the same ole same ole. But photography has always been my passion. Still I feel pulled in so many directions but all within the photography realm! There are so many options and opportunities. A bit of it all is what I live for. To experience all of it. From portraits to sporting events, birthday parties (of all ages), corporate events. The list can go on! I want to dabble in it ALL… and go wherever my passion & creativity takes me!

Let me tell your story, capture your moments and provide you with unfading memoriesimg_2250 that will last you a lifetime.

I credit my success to the faith that my amazing clients have put into me from the start, along with the never-ending support of my family and friends. Thank you so much for checking out my work and coming to see what Shortys Shots is all about!

Ashley, but you can just call me AJ.